• Sustainable Development Goal 14

    Effective biodiversity monitoring is crucial to maintaining the long-term functioning of our marine ecosystems in balance with human activities. FjordStrong's commitment to non-lethal and non-extractive methods protects fragile trophic components such as vulnerable apex predators while preserving the complex structure of fragile habitats.

  • Sustainable Development Goal 7

    Offshore developments such as windfarms require EIA's, a process which can be delayed due to lack of reliable ecological data. By providing rapid and effective surveys, FjordStrong can expediate this stage, while providing Stakeholders with communicable and visual results through video footage.

  • Sustainable Development Goal 13

    Biodiverse marine communities are proven to be more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Top predators have been shown to inhibit overgrazing of seaweeds, allowing the ecosystem to increase its capacity for carbon sequestration.