FjordStrong Software

FjordStrong is developing bespoke software for processing video-data from biological surveys. Our FjordStrong software allows us to streamline data aquisition, ensuring a rapid turn-around for reportage. Our software is being built to function best with our own survey footage and supports blank footage removal, computer-assisted abundance counts, measurements and individual recognition of larger fauna based on 3D measurements and pattern recognition. We are also able to apply our software to video-data aquired by other means.

Our platform will streamline the project from secure GDPR-compliant data uploading, environmental and logistical metadata tagging and reliable merging of multiple video sources into combined surveys.

Blank Footage Removal

Video surveys contain large portions of blank footage. By automatically cutting to the first species arrival, we can substantially reduce the analysis time, especially in the case of multiple deployments within a survey.

Automated Abundance Estimates

Manual counting is a time consuming process. Our algorithms identify individual moving specimens in each frame while accounting for non-target objects such as seaweed or bait and records the change over time.

Individual Recognition

Many species exhibit individual features and patterns that allow them to be identified. Specifically, we are exploring the automated spot pattern recognition of flapper skates to enable population level analyses and infer larger ecosystem processes.