FjordStrong Launches!

The first of March 2021 marked a momentous step in FjordStrong's journey so far.

As an avid lover of the underwater realm and a self-confessed geek for all things coding, techy and data, I jumped at the offer to take the reins at FjordStrong back in December as CEO. But before launching into sea-surveys, R&D, conferences and machine-learning analysis there remained one major challenge. Funding. 

Fortunately, we were guided by  Oisin Lappin who never failed to go the extra mile in providing the financial, strategic and business advice needed to finally secure an InnovateUK grant in addition to a generous financial injection from QUBIS. His diplomatic savvy also went a long way in fostering interest from private investors.

FjordStrong is therefore delighted to introduce our two Angel Investors, Mary McKenna and Aidan Murphy. In addition to financialy supporting our vision, each brings a complementary set of skills, contacts and expertise to the (as yet) virtual table.

Mary is a both a renowned guru of the innovative Irish business scene and a beacon to countless fledgling startups. Her influence is felt across commisions, councils and communities both on the island and far-reaching. It is rumoured that upon first creating her linked-in account, the server crashed unexpectedly in a cloud of smoke.  

Meanwhile, Aidan Murphy ensures our tech-side remains cutting edge, competitive and wholy bespoke to our needs. His previous ventures are deeply rooted in API & systems integration with airports, newspapers and the tourism industry, an ideal combination of expertise for developing our in-house analytical tools ensuring we at FjordStrong achieve our mission of Fast-Forwarding Biodiversity Goals. 


From myself and all the team at FjordStrong, we express our deep gratitude to both Mary and Aidan for their support so far and look forward to an exciting and eventful future.

Thanks to an ideal starting scenario, we have an exciting first 18 months lined up incorporating various avenues such as R&D and software development while expanding our client base and collaborative network through ABUV demos and projects involving endangered skate conservation. Keep updated on our website or through our social media feeds! 

Stay Safe,

Ruairí Gallagher - CEO