Baited Remote Underwater Video systems

By using bait to attract wide-roaming wildlife into the survey platform, our bespoke Baited Remote Underwater Video systems (BRUVs) are an efficient tool for surveying marine biodiversity. Rated to a depth of 250 meters , they provide a rapid and cost-effective alternative to destructive techniques such as dredging and bottom-trawling. The use of stereo-imaging allows our analysts to take accurate measurements through a technique known as photogrammetry without removing specimens from their habitat. Multi-spectral lighting facilitiates 24 hour surveying while minimising the impact on wildlife and UV fluorescense can be used to reveal cryptic features on individuals, revealing greater insights into a species' ecology and habitat use.

Robust Data

  • Species Inventories
  • Accurate Measurements and Biomass Estimates
  • Relative Abundances
  • Habitat Use and Residency
  • Species Interactions
  • Temporal Changes and Patterns
  • Growth Rates and Overall Health


Collapsable design facilitates rapid deployment and retrieval from small vessels allowing access to challenging sites such as Offshore Windfarms and MPAs, while minimising costs and carbon emmisions


Modular design to easily facilitate project-specific requirements, including an adjustable array of environmental sensors, calibrated stereo-cameras and optimised underwater multi-spectral lighting


Footage can be used to facilitate effective communication with many interesting visitors appearing regularly during surveys. This visual appeal can aid swift stakeholder engagement and public outreach


Surveys can be safely conducted across a wide range of habitats and in areas of high currents without the risks associated with trawling operations, requiring less operatives in a shorter time