Fast Forwarding Marine Biodiversity Surveys

Specialist Consultancy

By choosing FjordStrong, our clients choose research-active experts at the forefront of marine policy and regulation ensuring that our reports are up to date with the latest directives at a local, regional, national and EU scale. With over 50 years combined experience across fisheries, deep-sea mining, wildlife conservation, MPA management, ORE consultations and the oil and gas industry, our team will ensure your requirements are met in a sustainable, rapid and professional manner. Click below to meet the team that will ensure the sustainable success of your project.

The Team

Sustainable Surveys

FjordStrong offers a suite of sustainable solutions as an alternative to outdated, costly and destructive methods of the past, namely bottom trawling. By focusing on video-technology, our clients benefit from robust data without the need for habitat destruction or the killing of endangered wildlife. Our surveys are conducted from small survey vessels making them suitable for challenging areas such as Offshore Windfarms & Marine Protected Areas, while minimising our carbon footprint and environmental disturbance. Click below to have a look at previous FjordStrong surveys.


3D Video Technology

FjordStrong has developed a robust and flatpack stereo-BRUV system specifically designed to operate in the turbid and turbulent Irish and UK waters. This technology allows our trained 3D video analysts to provide non-invasive in-situ measurements with consistant accuracy. 3D measurements can also be used to track growth, determine developmental stages, identify individuals within a population and improve detection of cryptic species - all without the need to remove specimens from their habitat. Click below to find out how FjordStrong are Fast Forwarding Biodiversity Surveys.

3D Surveys

Our Mission

FjordStrong recognises the ongoing paradigm shift in the use of marine spaces, driven by the need to combat both the climate and biodiversity crises along with an increase in public awareness and interest. We aim to bolster the green revolution of the ORE industry by providing non-invasive and non-destructive biodiversity surveys reflecting the eco-credentials of our clients. We focus on providing sustainable, rapid and cost-effective solutions backed by research to replace outdated destructive techniques that are no longer acceptable.Ruairi Gallagher - CEO

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