Fast Forwarding Marine Biodiversity Surveys

ABUV System

FjordStrong was built around the concept of an Auto-Release Baited Underwater Video system (ABUV). Our patented ABUV design represents the next generation of underwater video surveys. Thanks to its highly modular design, ABUVs can be fitted with an array of sensors to best suit our client's requirements. Some of our standard modular components include CTD and multi-spectral stereo imaging which are depth rated to beyond the continental shelf edge. Designed specifically for surveying high conservation value demersal sharks, our flatpack multi-functional ABUV is applicable for a broad range of underwater imaging purposes.

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Bespoke Software

FjordStrong has developed bespoke software for processing video-data from biological surveys. Our FjordStrong software allows us to streamline data aquisition and analysis for our clients, ensuring a rapid turn-around of reportage. Our software is built to function best with in combination with our ABUVs and incoporporates blank footage removal, computer-assisted measurements and individual recognition of larger fauna based on 3D measurements and pattern recognition. We are also able to apply our software to video-data aquired by means other than our ABUVs, therby breaking through an industry bottleneck.

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Specialist Consultancy

FjordStrong is a spinout from the Queen's University Belfast Marine Laboratory comprising a team of world renowned marine biologists including benthic and pelagic ecologists, fisheries and elasmobranch specialists, bio-statisticians and marine technicians. From our foundation and continued work in cutting-edge research, we benefit from unrestricted access to emergent analysis techniques and data processing methods. By choosing FjordStrong, our clients choose research-active experts at the forefront of marine policy and regulation ensuring that advice is up to date with the latest directives at a local, regional, national and EU scale.

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Our Ethos

FjordStrong recognises the ongoing paradigm shift in the use of marine spaces, driven by climate-change, the biodiversity crisis and increased public awareness. We aim to surf this green revolution by providing non-invasive and non-destructive biological surveys reflecting the eco-credentials of our clients. We focus on providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution where traditional destructive techniques are no longer either suitable or acceptable. We specialise in providing biodiversity data for high conservation value species and habitats and low-data and hard to access systems.

FjordStrong is available as an SME partner for EU Horizon projects.
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